About Us

The history of CLIC goes back around 12 years, when the late Lynne Inge took on the responsibility for getting on top of the, until then, uncontrolled cat population in El Capistrano. Lynne recruited a small team of (mainly lady) helpers and gradually got matters under control.

CLIC is sponsored by SpainAway - Nerja's pre-eminent holiday rental agency, a division of the UK-based tour operator, The Away Company.

Lynne's successors, now spearheaded by Sheilah and Mirja, have continued to take care of the cats of Capistrano. Their work not only involves the enormous daily task of feeding the cats, many of whom are on special diets, but also that of ensuring that they receive veterinary treatment, when required. In particular they ensure that all female cats are spayed (and many of the male cats neutered as well), the identifying sign of which is a characteristic notch cut into the tip of the ear.

If we tell you that the annual vets and food bill met by CLIC exceeds some 3000 euros, you will see why it depends so heavily on the support of its sponsors and contributors, and in these difficult economic times we are hoping to solicit further help from Capistrano’s many holiday visitors, by means of this innovative new website.

Thus this website has been put together and sponsored by, one of CLIC’s long-term financial supporters. SpainAway is renowned for providing high-quality rental accommodation in Nerja and the surrounding area, not just in El Capistrano itself. SpainAway is a branch of the UK-based travel company – The Away Company Ltd. A further related website,, handles further rural villa rentals in the area surrounding Granada.

SpainAway’s Managing Director, Dr Henry Southworth, is a hopelessly dedicated cat lover, and part time resident in Capistrano, who somehow seems to have a psychic relationship with the cats here. They always seem to know when he arrives here, and queue up for food, together with that important other ingredient - affection and human contact.

The Away Company’s other area of operation, and the one that Henry is most involved in, is Africa, where he organises wonderful game viewing and walking safaris in countries such as Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana, together with idyllic Indian Ocean beach holidays, predominantly on the Spice Island of Zanzibar: see our sister website for more details.