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If you are out in Nerja, in El Capistrano Village, and you come across a cat, or other animal, that you think is in need of attention (we mean medical attention, not just a good stroking and fussing) then the person to speak to is Sheilah Shearman, who takes responsibility for the runnning of CLIC, on local phone number 952 52 4119. Alternatively you can report the matter to the Community Office, which is located on Via Romana, directly under the principal communal pool.

Failing this, then just get in touch with SpainAway, and we will pass on your concerns.

You can of course contact SpainAway as well if you have a holiday enquiry, reaching their website by clicking on the graphic opposite, or by telephone on 0121 472 1541.

Alternatively the email address is If you are interested in any of our other, African, destinations then clicking here will take you to our extensive 'AfricaAway' website.

If you've read this far then you are obviously a cat lover, and therefore you may be interested to link through to a brief selection of cat-related YouTube videos that we've put together for you:

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Funny Cats Compilation (60 minutes!)

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