CLIC desperately needs a steady source of outside funding in order to continue its work with the El Capistrano cats. Indeed a lot of this support already comes from casual holiday visitors, and we would like to invite you to contribute yourself.

And even if you are not a cat lover per se, there is much scope in Nerja for supporting other animal charities, such as CAS and the Donkey Sanctuary.

If you would like to make a contribution towards feeding and looking after the cats here in El Capistrano then this would be very much appreciated.

To contribute to CLIC, there are a number of collecting tins in the various rental offices that occupy the area next to the small on-site supermarket, such as Lesagro, Nerja Villa Rental and El Sur. Any spare change at the end of your holiday would be very welcome here.

As an alternative, if you are one of SpainAway’s rental guests, then you will be invited to make a donation that may be taken out of your returnable damage deposit. SpainAway then undertakes to match every contribution made in this way with a donation of its own. You can make donations in this way to CLIC, CAS or any other organisation of your choice.

Other urbanisations also have cat support organisations (well, volunteers), the nearby Oasis de Capistrano being a prime example of this (and one in which SpainAway also lets several properties).

In addition to this specific cat support programme, The Costa Animal Society (CAS), based in Nerja, does excellent work in taking care of, fostering and rehoming cats, dogs and other animals.

To donate directly to CAS you need to spot one of the collection tins that are distributed in certain bars and restaurants around the town centre, such as Olas, Dancers, Blue Med and Sabor de Amor, all on Burriana Beach, the Coach and Horses and Cottage Restaurant in Calle Almirante Ferrandiz, the Harp Bar in Calle Carabeo, the Sportsman Bar and Rockys in El Zoco, Stoker Brown at San Juan and Genesis at Almijara. Shops, including W H Smiff, Alldays, Proud Scout, Annies Vital, Pintada Pet Shop, Pintada Tabac, Optician Claves, also house tins, as do Clinica San Fernando and Rik Heymans (medic).

Alternatively you can visit their website, which contains information (in Spanish) on how to donate through PayPal. Or you can visit their office on Calle Dr Ferran 12, Edificio Malaguete (ground floor); office Hours Monday - Saturday 1000 - 1300 CET.

Then there is the Nerja Donkey Sanctuary*, a very popular place to visit, especially if you have young children with you. This is a registered charity principally dedicated to rescuing, caring for and protecting donkeys, cats, turkeys and even sheep. Further details of The Nerja Donkey Sanctuary can be found on their website, again with details (in English) of how to make a donation, using PayPal.

* Regrettably The Donkey Sanctuary recently closed, possibly permanently.

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